Thursday, 14 April 2011

Where I'm smug because I get my first short story published

I have been annoying The Husband by going around the house shouting 'yes' and punching the air smugly. The reason for my jubilation?
You may remember that I entered a writing competition entitled "Home Tomorrow"  and I didn't expect to get anywhere as the competition was so stiff.  Well Hurrah! Because look what popped into my in box this week-

"Thank you very much for submitting to the 'Home Tomorrow' writing competition - and well done from James and I (Laura) at Writers' Block and from Gillie and Graeme at Sixth Element, as your entry has been selected to feature as part of the 'Home Tomorrow' anthology. This collection of the strongest of the stories submitted will be published by Sixth Element later this year!

Thank you again for entering the competition - the standard of entries was incredibly high and we are really proud of the talent and diversity showcased in the 'Home Tomorrow' anthology."
This is my first piece of Published fiction so I'm very excited.  Based on this, The Husband says I'll be insufferable if I publish 'The Pearls' but probably even more insufferable if I don't.   Hopefully, I can the post the story on this website shortly, or if you want to read the book which features writing talent from across the North East, including winner Tracey Iceton,  it can be ordered on the link below

TITLE: Home Tomorrow: An Anthology of Short Stories
AUTHOR: Various
Due for release: April/May 2011
Home Tomorrow is a collection of over a hundred short stories submitted to a competition run by the Writers' Block NE and Bohouse in Middlesbrough, with the theme 'Home Tomorrow

Thanks again to those of  you to those of you who have reviewed "The Pearls & The Suitcase.  I have done quite well this month and it's progressing at a better pace.  I have set this Summer as a deadline for first draft and even though its self imposed I'm stressing as much as ever. If you feel like sending me a message I would be delighted to hear from you.
As always, thank you for following  and also the comments on my blog. 


  1. Well done Fiona. Nothing like it for boosting ones motivation

  2. Thanks carol, lovely to get a bit of good news in these challenging times!

  3. Well done Fiona! I'll be a fellow author in the same collection. Let's hope it's a good omen for our writing futures