Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Where I sign off Job Seeker's Allowance and write a Fairy Story

Hurrah, I have been very busy this week and have posted a new piece on my website today. It's called 'Fairy Story,' is  just for fun and is a modern day version of ... Hah! I wont' tell, maybe you can guess.  It has been a welcome change to write this and also the entry for the Short Story competition last week.  The theme for entries was 'Home Tomorrow' and it was only 500 words long.  The nice thing about writing a short piece is that it's completed relatively quickly and you can sit smugly looking at the finished article rather than the tangled web of words that makes up a novel.
I have also now have now signed off  and this is my last week on 'Job Seekers Allowance.' You are only allowed it for six months, unless you pass a means test. As both my regular Blog readers will know, I have not had much success on the employment front where I have been looking for part time job while I finish my novel. However in between writing the short pieces, I had set myself the task of finishing another two chapters of "The Pearls & The Suitcase" by the end of March.
This was further complicated last week when I got sidetracked into picking up the threads of  a novel I began writing last year.  Called 'The Hen Party' it's a story about how life changes forever, in just over one year for a group of friends in a village in Northumberland.
Problem is can't go between both as it will get confusing. OMG Dilemma!  I think I should try and finish 'The Pearls & The Suitcase,' as when I think of switching tracks, I feel a headache coming on. If any of my blog followers  have read my excerpts or short stories on the website, including the latest addition, I would be pleased to hear from you.
As from next week, I will be stepping up the writing of my novel,  hoping for Summer completion, at least of the first draft and also another short story.  I hope to write my  blog a couple of times  a week to let you know how my novel is progressing and of course any exciting details of my haphazard life, our continuing search for a new house and Monty's (our Parrot's) romance. Watch this space!


  1. Keep up the good work Darling!.....

  2. I am now waiting for the next installment of the "Fairy " Story..........